Installing on your own machine.

  1. Download RStudio 1.01 or later Use whatever version is most recent and expect to upgrade every 6 months or so, as new versions become available.

  2. Install the packages listed below

  3. Optionally, if you want to ‘knit’ your work into a pdf format, you should also install LaTeX. For most people this isn’t necessary, and is something you can skip for the moment, but it can be helpful when sharing finished analyses with colleagues. On windows use this installer. Make sure to do a ‘full install’, not just a basic install. On a Mac install homebrew and type brew cask install mactex.

Package dependencies

If you are just gettign started on a windows machine, these instructions for students at Plymouth University make it easy to install R and most of the packages necessary to complete the examples in this book.

Further details of a recommended installation are given here. These scripts will install all needed packages on a recent Linux or Mac system.

For some of the sections on Bayesian estimation you will also need to install rstan and rstanarm. Details are also here, but this can wait till later.